Aonijie 3 piece Aliminium pole 110cm (Single)


  • Aluminum 3-piece pole
  • Super lightweight design for trail running or fastpacking.
  • Aluminum poles with carbon linking points as a combination not only help you save on weight it also keeps vibration through the pole to a minimum.

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  • Convenient storage as the pole folds up in three sections with a fourth sliding in. Total folded length 40cm.
  • Removable top piece for if you need to tighten the inner drawstring to keep a tighter fit.
  • To assemble the pole line up the 3 foldable sections and pull the top section down until the locking button pops out. To fold up push the button in retract the pole and fold the rest.
  • Wristband – polyester + Hypalon
  • Handle – EVA
  • Poles – alloy + carbon
  • Pole tip – Tungsten tip
  • Length options – 110cm,
  • Weight – 110cm/153g,

*Please note that poles are sold as a single item and not as a pair.