1.5 FluxRing Cook Pot combines FluxRing technology for more efficient cooking and new ceramic coating allows for amped up cooking and even easier cleaning. Gone are the days of boring camp food sticking to the bottom of your pot.

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  • Jetboil 1.5L FluxRing cooking pot offers cooking versatility with a wide-open form factor that makes it easy to simmer and cook for small groups
  • Folding wire handles and insulating cozy make for safe and easy handling
  • Plastic base cover works as a serving plate or bowl
  • FluxRing technology makes it possible to heat a conveniently shaped vessel with extremely high efficiency
  • Requires Pot Support kit for use with all burners(not included)
  • Weight: 340g
  • Dimensions: 17.5cm x 11cm
  • Compatible With: Flash, Luna, MicroMo, MightyMo, MiniMo, Sumo, Zip
  • FluxRing technology maximises the heat from the burner and directs it into the contents of the FluxRing cooking pot